Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 30: War and the Environment

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An update from Ngo Thanh Nhan on an upcoming court case in the U.S. regarding victims of Agent Orange and looks at if, and how, it may relate to Depleted Uranium contamination in Middle East
In the KZSU studio: Nadya Williams, Veterans for Peace Associate, with perspective of AO and Depleted Uranium
An update from Karen Button in Lebanon regarding oil contamination in the Mediterranean from the war of summer 2006

Remembrance Day for All Victims of Chemical Warfare
Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign
Background on Depleted Uranium Depleted' Uranium and Casualties of the Gulf Wars
Read Letter to U.S. Sec. State Rice re... "request for U.S. introduction and support of a Resolution at the United Nations Security Council condemning excessive military force...."

Nawal El Zohgby from Lebanon
Also, music from Egypt (performers to be announced)

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