Friday, June 29, 2007

July 2: Agent Orange and Dioxin Contamination of Vietnam, Thirty Years Later

Listen to or download "Agent Orange and Dioxin Contamination of Vietnam, Thirty Years Later"

A panel presentation by Vietnamese delegates in the U.S. for a court hearing on the class action law suit against chemical companies responsible for dioxin and Agent Orange contamination in Vietnam during the American war in that country.
This second Vietnam Agent Orange Justice Tour took place between June 10-28, 2007 and was coordinated by Veterans for Peace and the Agent Orange Relief and Responsibility Campaign.
Moderated by Nadya Williams, panelists include Merle Ratner, Dr. Thu, Mr. Muoi, Mrs. Hong, Mr. Hai, Mr. Quy and translated by Mr. Thuy.
Learn more about the panelists, the tour, and the campaign at Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign

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